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User Savvy Business Solutions provides smart business solutions that improve company-customer interaction online. We have worked on retail, financial services, media and business-to-business Web sites, and our work has ranged from telephone surveys to CRM redesigns, to name just two.

As a consultant and freelancer, founder David Wertheimer has worked on projects for clients including Yahoo! Hotjobs, FCBi, Affinity Solutions, Citysites, and MarketBridge. David is an Internet strategist with expertise in strategy, usability, branding and design. An online veteran dating back to 1987, David has been bringing brands to the Web and perfecting information delivery for nearly 10 years.

David is an author of "Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself," a book examining smart Web site design, and a columnist for Digital Web Magazine. He was Web design director at The Economist Group for three and a half years, crafting and overseeing the interface and presentation of and related properties.

Previously, David worked for BPI (now VNU) Electronic Media, where he helped orchestrate Billboard Online's evolution into a world-class music news destination and oversaw development of the sites for Adweek, Backstage and the Hollywood Reporter. He also taught Web design courses for several years and remains interested in lecturing.

David is enrolled in the Executive MBA Program at the New York University Stern School of Business, graduating in January 2005.

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