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User Savvy Business Solutions improves how firms interact with their customers online.


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How we do it

User Savvy tackles projects from several angles, all of which intertwine to produce results that consider the history and goals of the client along with ideal outcomes.

What does your online presence do? What should it be doing? User Savvy will identify and fine-tune the message and help plan ahead.

A smart, intuitive Web site is integral to a good strategy and satisfied customers. User Savvy uses internal and external analysis and testing to improve the user experience.

Information Architecture
If you want to rethink the way your site runs, User Savvy can examine or create site maps and user flows, developing improved site organization and clickpaths.

Who are you? What is your customers' perception of your message? User Savvy can refine that message through analysis of existing copywriting and branding, especially for companies leveraging offline products in online initiatives.

Customers trust elegant, simple Web sites, and User Savvy will make sure your site style matches your corporate presence.


The fundamentals for User Savvy projects are not in flash and sass but in the grasp of the subtleties that make an online experience a great one.

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